The Boozed up Monkey

By | March 1, 2012

There was a monkey always up a Jackfruit tree. And I found this one monkey up this tree in a daze. The monkey was apparently searching for fermenting Jackfruits.  And he had got stuck.

I called the homeowner who got a shock on seeing the strange behaviour of this monkey.

The animal was apparently on the hunt for fermenting Jackfruits when he lost his balance and became trapped in the tree. Seems like the fermenting fruit had its drug effect on him.

It started making a roaring noise bringing the entire neighborhood to its feet. The monkey was boozed up and hanging in a circus like position.

One of them called the emergency services, who helped free the boozed-up beast from a crane. He spent the night recovering in the terrace of the homeowner. Everyone let him be.

The next day he took off for the nearby woods leaving his hangover behind.

And we got to wait and see whether the booze effect will bring him back into the hunt again.

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