Do I have a 180º vision or a 360º vision?

By | June 5, 2009

They are all doing nothing

If I say I am afraid, I have a 180º vision. But if I say I am not afraid to be afraid, then I have a 360º vision.

When I strive for enlightenment, it’s a 180º vision. When enlightenment happens, and it’s nothing like what I believed it to be, then I have come FULL CIRCLE and my vision becomes 360º.

When I say that something happened because of my will or God’s will, then my vision is 180º. When I realize that something happens when it just happens then my vision is 360º.

A person who is competent in his chosen field has 180º vision, but a person who is competent and also has the child awakened in him has 360º vision.

Technique is important but working without a pre-determined technique creates a 360º field of vision.

Seeking freedom is within the 180º field of vision. Being free from this seeking brings us to a FULL CIRCLE and the vision becomes 360º.

Renouncing the world is 180º, Half a Circle; coming back into the world from which I sought freedom is 360º, a FULL CIRCLE.

Not having any desires arises from a 360º field of vision. But telling oneself not to have any desires is within 180º field of vision and is simply another desire.

Not doing anything means 360º but making an effort at not doing anything is 180º vision as it creates more effort, more delusion, more blindness.

Maya, which is within 180º, is a fantastically designed trap and one shall not escape it easily. It is a spider trap – the more you try to escape the more you are entangled.

So remember, if you have been reading this piece upto now, the core is not in what has been stated, but in what hasn’t been stated.

Thus, this is how this piece comes to a FULL CIRCLE.

Happy not doing anything!