Conversing with the Twin Soul

By | November 23, 2009

Why I still cling on?

Because whenever the dark clouds of delusion and despair clear away and the sun shines bright in my world I see you!

It is a rare phenomenon, however, these days; unlike the days of old.

Thoughts are like birds which when trapped in the cage of words can, no doubt, spread its wings but cannot fly.

The Twin Soul (or the One Soul) is outside of both of our bodies. When I get to connect to the Twin Soul, I immediately get connected to you or your presence.

We both have a separate Mind-Soul combination (In fact, this is a Body-Mind-Soul combination, but the Mind-Soul is also outside the body and exists independent of the existence of the Body). Your Mind-Soul functions independently of my Mind-Soul. But both these combination are connected to the One Twin Soul, which possesses all the Wisdom and Power.

But the Twin Soul cannot force its Wisdom or Power on the Mind-Soul because of the Gift of Free Will.

The Mind-Soul through its Higher Awareness and Choice of Free Will can initiate such an action.