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My free thought flows

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I, the Seed

I am the Seed. And I have to lose myself. I, the Seed, have to explode and lose myself. Only then is the Tree born. But I, the Seed, resist and say, “No, I must survive.” And so I, the Seed, survive. But the Tree will never be born. And so, I, the Seed, feel… Read More »

Conversing with the Twin Soul

Why I still cling on? Because whenever the dark clouds of delusion and despair clear away and the sun shines bright in my world I see you! It is a rare phenomenon, however, these days; unlike the days of old. Thoughts are like birds which when trapped in the cage of words can, no doubt,… Read More »

The Three Worlds

In The Material World One seeks retirement and grows Old In The Magical World One seeks Enlightenment and grows Wiser In The Miraculous World One seeks nothing and grows Lighter Someone did say: “…Seek and Ye Shall Find… “ There is a barrier that separates these Worlds “…The Fear of the Unknown… “ Inherent in… Read More »

Am I doing Anything?!

Actually, I am not doing anything…there maybe a 100 desires in my mind…but they all arise out of the confusion…so I have nothing to do with my desires too…I am just trying not to be bogged down by them…I have nothing to do in life…just like a falling leaf swaying in the wind…then I realize… Read More »

I cannot follow myself!

A student came to a Zen master, and said:  “I am seeking the truth. In what state of mind should I train myself, so as to find it?” Said the master,  “There is no mind, so you cannot put it in any state. There is no truth, so you cannot train yourself for it.” The student… Read More »