About Me

MeI am Kalyan Krishnan, web designer by hobby and profession.

I have a spiritual side too, and this blog website would be a reflection of this self. I have undertaken a spiritual journey which is endless.

My free flowing thoughts are just a by-product of this endless journey.

I shall use this blog site to register such thoughts as and when time permits. If you too are interested in something similar, do get in touch.

Also, if you have decided you want a website, then do get in touch with me. I shall register your domain name, set up email accounts for you, design and build your website to your specifications.

What I suggest is that you go for a website on an Content Management System (CMS) platform. It is the in thing. Static websites are going out. Dynamic websites put you on your own as a website designer so that you can create pages, update and make any other changes to your website all by yourself.

So do get in touch. We shall have to hold a series of consultations that will allow us to tweak your website requirements and to fully discern if I can be of service to you. Then in due course we shall have to establish a working relationship so that I can understand the full scope of your website requirements. Once this happens I shall  submit a proposal outlining the complete scope of work.

So you see, this will take time. So don’t waste it any more and get in touch with me. E-mail to me: kalyan@merlinbee.com